Anyone here an OSCP?
Hi I'm a part of the forums and I wanted to ask if anyone here was an OSCP. I'm wondering because I am almost done with ICND1 and I am working on CCNA and then linux before I do OSCP and I'm wondering if that's enough to do OSCP like if those will give me all the prerequisites. I know being an uber hacker isn't required just to start. But there are prerequisites and I wanted to make sure I know them.

Fixed your thread, next time avoid using colors please.

Topic related: I don't have OSCP but I think there are some people around here that have it, hopefully they connect and help you.
OSCP here,

People handle the coursework and labs differently. Some find it a challenge, others find it quite breezy. It not only depends on your experience and knowledge of the subject matter, but also your way of thinking.

Your certs may help, but I'd honestly spend more time going through the version of the course-ware available online, and make sure you not only know it, but actually understand it. Practice, understand, practice some more.
Would be nice to have OSCP but I'm saving up for a Sans GIAC cert. But heard several people who have it, yes. I recommend taking a search "OSCP".

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