New usergroup + Private Section "Contributors"
New usergroup + Private Section

As I've always had planned for this forum from the start. A second level usergroup. Own usergroup/userbar with private section. I've had it under construction for a while, but I've decided to release it now. Because otherwise I procastrinate.

Name: Contributors
Description: "Merit-based usergroup with extra privileges. For members who contribute more than average to the forum."
[Image: BIOmh7O.png]
Userbase made by Enmafia2! Big thanks!

* Access to three private sections:
[Image: wQ5uQPL.png]
* Additional reputation abilities: +/- 5 reputation points.
* Additional PM quota: 800.
- More to come.


- How to I join this group?

A: This is an invite-only group. However the base requirements to join this group is the following:

* Be a reasonably active member. I don't have any specific requirements, but won't be adding inactive users with last date online 6 months ago for example.

* Contribute original content to the forum. More than the average user. This could be for example making tutorials, guides, PoCs, developing projects, making quality posts, helping our users out etc. However keep in mind that "leaking" warez, DBs and such from other forums, even if private material won't earn you any spots into the group. It can help but the main focus and priority when choosing members is the original quality you've contributed to the forum.

- Can I pay you money to join this group?

A: No. Respect cannot be bought. To join this group you have to earn your spot by contributing to the forum. See above. This forum is a token of respect for our members who go for that extra mile and contribute original content to our forum. This is a merit-based group. I won't be letting people in because of money, friendship, seniority. I will judge you from the effort you make to contribute to the forum. That's why it's called Contributors!
Hey! This finally went live!
I think this is a nice initiative and hopefully it motivates people to contribute Smile

Thanks Insider!

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