[05-21-2019] Ad-Partnership "Guests"
[05-21-2019] Ad-Partnership "Guests"

As some of you might have noticed in the last weeks. I've put on ads. Actually only one ad. This is for guests ONLY. Together with breachreport I've decided to enter a mutual partnership of helping each other grow. To stop seeing these ads, all you have to do is make an account and join.

[Image: 6W6bnlJ.png]

Given that our guests mostly just lurk and rarely join the discussion to contribute to the forum. I feel this a fair tradeoff.

Why did I choose ads?
Because I see potential for greysec to grow in our partnership. We are more like affiliates that actually an ad. Just what this partnership entails is something we'll see more of in the future. But it will also help us financially to become more self sufficient.

However, you are free to leave your feedback as to why and how you disagree. I want to be transparent.
I actually saw this the other day but I was not sure if this was new or not.
I guess it was. I actually think it's a reasonable thing and as long as it is not intrusive ads it is all okay.

It's all good chief!