would this be a good way to start web hacking?
So for my major I am taking an actual class on web development. After that, I am 100% going to turn to my own course on web development to learn PHP over the summer. I aim to make a few full-stack web apps without using any frameworks before I start learning web hacking. I plan on doing the web development along with CCNA training after the semester ends and I have a couple more certs.

What are some good network-based or client-server web apps that I could design that would get me all of the required knowledge to learn web hacking in depth? Like could someone give me a list of assignments?

I haven't been involved in web dev outside of the class actually offered by my school.

Could someone please give me some help with this?

This is the Udemy course I'm gonna complete over the summer before I start making the web app:


I think if people here could give me assignments to practice what I learn, that would be great.

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would this be a good way to start web hacking? - by QMark - 03-26-2020, 06:02 AM

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