would this be a good way to start web hacking?
(03-26-2020, 09:42 PM)QMark Wrote: Also, MuddyBucket said that if I wanted to be a hacker I should spend several months on web development first.

Why do I get conflicted answers on this? The people at my school say what you say but the people on Reddit agree with MuddyBucket.

Do both answers work?

I'm pretty sure I probably said to be a *good* hacker, you should become a solid programmer - among other things.

There are plenty of shortcuts in life. I can easily teach you a bunch of hacks and tricks over the course of a few months that would make you look a lot like a hacker. And you'd fool a lot of people into thinking you were a hacker. But in my opinion, you wouldn't *really* be a hacker.

I'll try to use an analogy. I have a car. Over the years I've learned how to change my brake pads. change my spark plugs, change my air filter, change my battery,  change my oil, and a few other things Some of it I've self-taught. Some of it I've had friends show me. 

Am I an auto mechanic? If my car didn't start tomorrow, could I fix it? Maybe. If it was just a dead battery. Otherwise, probably not. I've only learned how to do specific tasks. I don't have a full understanding of all the components, and how they work together to make a car run. My ability to change spark plugs doesn't inherently mean I understand fuel to air ratios, etc for optimum fuel economy.

Likewise, I can teach you hacking tricks, much like i can teach you how to change a spark plug. If you do X action, under Y condition, you'll get Z result. However if you try X under A, B, or C condition - it won't necessarily work. If you understand whats happening under A, B, and C condition, you though, you may be able to adapt X action into something else that does work.

It comes down to there being an easy way, and a hard way. The easy way probably won't lead to jobs, opportunities, etc. And if you're looking to do illegal shit, the easy way is usually what lands you in jail. Cause you don't *really* understand what you're doing and you're more likely to be caught.

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