would this be a good way to start web hacking?
(03-29-2020, 04:48 AM)MuddyBucket Wrote:
(03-29-2020, 04:32 AM)QMark Wrote: Ok, what if I had specific books or courses in mind that I wanted to be optimally beneficial when I finally take them? Let's say I want to know all of the prerequisite concepts necessary in order to understand everything in elearn security's courses but I want to first learn every prerequisite I need to do the web hacking track which is PTS > WAPT > WAPTX so that I get the maximum possible benefit out of the course and not just the minimum.

How much networking, linux, and web development should I learn to do that as a start?

My short term goal is to get enough to gain the most out of the web hacking track, but I eventually want to be well-rounded and know all of elearn security's penetration testing courses plus know OSINT plus know social engineering and maybe earn OSCP afterwards. Let's say that's my long term goal, but in the short run I want to know the amount of networking, programming, and operating systems just to get the most out of the web hacking track. Obviously, I want to also be a programmer with a primary language of python for everything.

What would you recommend before starting on that?

I figured if I was more specific that maybe I would get a little bit further in terms of what I need to do to achieve this.

I have never looked at elearn security let alone done their courses. So I can't really tell you what you need to know. I don't know what level they start at, so I can't tell you their pre-requisites. That's something you should probably ask them.

They start at beginner level and go throughmore advanced material as the student progresses through more advanced courses.

I think I may merely follow Insiders advice when taking the courses and your advice as well since the people at eearm security said I needed networking and Linux primarily to do the courses but I think building a few websites won’t hurt me if nothing else. So I will just take both your advice because I think what Insider is saying works as an explanation for prerequisites so long as I comtinue to learn to code and get the right projects done in time I should be fine.

But yeah I think I need to get trough lots of cody academy if possible and build websites with what I learn. Because otherwise elearn won’t be as effective.

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