would this be a good way to start web hacking?
(04-03-2020, 08:58 PM)Insider Wrote: A lot of gold nuggets of wisdom from Muddbucket here Big Grin Agree 100%. I used to be that noob hacker. I was SQL-injecting random google-dork sites. Following a tutorial from point A to B. But to be honest, I did not understand much of what I was doing. And following basic tutorials was all that I was limited too.

But once I got down the fundementals of SQL, you actually started to understand why and how things worked. You have to know the systems to break them to a certain extent.

Not saying to become a backend engineer. But maybe try making a simple PHP+SQL project? And then break it.

Ok that makes sense to me. So if I continue to practice web development on code academy then I can build a project the regular web dev track way, then after a few of those maybe start the PHP track? Then build a project on my own that incorporates all of that into one long project and that could take me a few months, then break that project, then start hacking?

Ok I see where your going with this. I am gonna follow your advice.

While I am doing that I obviously need to learn computer networking and gain some networking skills. I have an online course on computer networking that’s like over 70 hours long that might help. It comes with loads of packet tracer projects lol.

It looks like a combination of networking and web development is what I need for this. So those will be the two things I start to focus on now through the summer + building my own projects.

Good advice.


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