[2020-03-27] Scaling down the forum among other things.
[2020-03-27] Scaling down the forum among other things.

Demoted moderator: Hworth (Due to inactivity/security concerns. We don't have any staff demand atm).

Scrapped removed section: "Other Sections" under programming/development. This section had 8 threads. It has been merged into "General programming".

Moving sections: Hacking Challenges and Programming Section into respective parent sections. Hacking challenges as sub-forum under "General Hacking" and vice-versa.

Moved section: Webmaster discussion has been moved in as a subforum into "Open IT discussion" due to inactivity & lack of demand.

Added custom MyBB codes: Chapter tags, spoiler tags and tables.

Accepted new suggestion: New section for exploit writing (coming soon) and probably renaming webhacking section to "Application security". Thanks to @qmark and @dropzone for good suggestions: https://greysec.net/showthread.php?tid=6...n=lastpost

More reorganization to come in the near future.

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