is a code academy subscription worth it in your view?
The reason I ask is I want to be a good programmer, but I want to have a primary language that I am especially good at.

It feels like code academy subscription could be a great way to get scattered. On the other hand, it forces you to actually learn the language as you go along by doing and not just reading.

I feel like it would probably be better to start off with code academy, then transition to books and other projects, but in that case would you recommend a subscription?

I'm seriously considering code academy subscription just because I really want to be a good programmer.
I like doing hands-on excersises when trying to learn a new programming language. Working on stuff as i go through the materials. It really depends on your personal preference, and the style of learning you enjoy the most. If you think Code Academy can provide you with what you are looking for, i'd say go for it. Subscriptions are free right?

On a related note;

When i was starting out what i'd do is Google e-books on certain subjects i was/am interested in. If you employ some simple dorks you can get great results. In example;
"The art of exploitation" inurl:('pdf|epub')
[Image: google.png]

This is just an example of course, but it works for a lot of e-books. Although, nowadays we have the GreySec Resource Pool and i have the onion for the Imperial Library hidden service if you are interested. I tend to go for books that have a practical, hands on element to it. So i read about the materials, then do an included excersise and explore related topics. Now i am not saying you should be doing the same, or that one method is better than the other. Maybe try both to find out what is right for you?

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