Is it possible to earn a CCNA in one summer?
So my short term goal is to earn a CCNA by the end of the summer. I'm gonna start after I take my A+ exam, which will be right after my final exams for web dev and psych. I am really psyched for this goal and I found a CCNA Udemy course.

It's 77.5 hours of video, with packet tracers included, but I am hoping that I can do it. Would you say this is a doable goal in three months, starting after the first week or so of summer (because it will only take me one week to earn A+ after the school year ends because A+ is easy)?

My intermediate term goal is to gain foundational skills in networking, linux, and windows in 9 months.

Now I am not just limiting this to certs. I am constantly going to be working in my school's lab on networking equipment and windows and linux machines, doing a lot of experimenting.

What's your take on this? Is it possible to get a CCNA by the end of the summer?

Is it possible to have foundational skills in networking, Linux, and Windows, by the end of the 2020-2021 school year?

I just want some critique on this to make sure its a good goal.

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