SSH Bruteforce using Putty or Plink.
SSH Bruteforce using Putty or Plink.

Found a pretty cool articles / tool on twitter which I thought was worth sharing here.

Full articles:

infosecmatters Wrote:Introducing SSH PuTTY bruteforcer
The ssh-putty-brute.ps1 tool is a wrapper around PuTTY SSH clients.
In the current form it can use either the graphical putty.exe client or the command-line version plink.exe.
This is the tool’s feature list in a nutshell:
  • Performs SSH login attacks using either putty.exe or plink.exe
  • Written in pure PowerShell – no additional modules needed
  • Non-malicious – undetected by any antivirus or endpoint protection solution
  • Practical and smart design:
    - Supports a single password attack or a dictionary attack
    - Allows performing password spraying across multiple SSH servers
    - Supports resuming, if interrupted
    - Avoids re-trying the same credentials

  • Skips already compromised SSH accounts
You can find the tool in our InfosecMatter Github repository here.

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