New Section: Exploit Development
New Section: Exploit Development

Hello members! Making some changes.

In reference to previous thread with discussion from Qmark and Dropzone:

I've made a new section called "Exploit Development":

It's a section for low-level security. Like binary exploitation and its sister topics. I kind of want to cultivate these topics more on GreySec.


I feel this also warrants a whole new forum category called "Low-level security" or similar. This category will hold three sections:

Two which we have now:
- Exploit Development
- DFIR and Reverse Engineering

And a new section: Malware development (For open source malware development and such).

What would you think about this?
I don't really do exploit dev. But a malware section definitely interests me.
I'm in for this, very cool subject and could lead to interesting threads.
Hopefully it does Big Grin
I love malware. As a subject of learning and as an offensive security tool. I'm less often engaged in exploit dev but it is definitely something i'd like to do more often and also get better at, so i am quite happy we have sections for these now.

While we're on the subject, i converted the two threads you made recently regarding this to PDF files. I'll be uploading these to our R&D repo under the resources section, i thought they were excellent and this way we'll have them mirrored on GH as well.

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