Shorter Term Goal: Earning a CCNA by the end of the summer
(05-04-2020, 05:30 AM)QMark Wrote: I know. I already passed A+ core 1 and I am scheduled to take core 2 on May 10th.

I didn’t have my act together but I was spreading myself thin.

I have been studying to take A+ just revently. But I learned my lesson in time to pass the network+ exam last year.

But your right. I kept saying I would do CCENT and wouldn’t do it.

I’m aiming to prove myself by getting a CCNA by the end of summer.

It requires three online courses I have to get through to be able to pass the CCNA exam.

But I need to know if getting CCNA in one summer is a doable goal so I don’t get my hopes up. I can worl several hours a day on thing and do it. I know how quick of a learner I am when I apply myself. I’ve already grown up a lot in the past year.

I promise you I am sticking to it this time.

Good work! Keep it up, but it isn't me you should make that promise to. Make it to yourself Smile Although I should practise more what I preach. I always have tons of plans and ideas to learn new things. But a lot of the times I never follow it up, just speaking from experience I know it's easy to let it slide and lose motivation.

I don't know about doing several hours a day though... if you already have school or work on top of that you can easily overdo and just get burned out or lose motivation. Gotta study smart, I would say 2-3 hours with plenty of breaks. But you do what you feel is right for you.

(05-05-2020, 04:52 AM)QMark Wrote: I have three goals:

-to be proficient in computer networking, Linux, and Windows
-to be good at hacking
-to be ok at programming

You have some good goals. I should honestly do the same. It's great that you have an end goal in sight.

I've kind of lost my end goal myself and been stuck in a rut. But getting back GreySec has kickstarted that again for me. I'll probably try to get into exploit development myself.

(05-05-2020, 04:52 AM)QMark Wrote: -to be proficient in privacy, security, and anonymity (I want to be an advanced Tor user and know all about online privacy, etc.)

Now I'm not an expert on this but I have my experience with this too. I used to be really into it, I guess I still am. That's where most of my original threads end up Smile Before GreySec I had actually planned to make an anonymity-forum called "Anonymia". But too niche! Heh.

What you really should look into here to get your grits and teeth into the subject is to look into the topic of "Operational Security". Which is basically a combined approach of anonymity, privacy and psychology with the goal in mind you keeping your and your operations secure. Good pointer would be to check this OPSEC thread by @Cypher:

(05-05-2020, 04:52 AM)QMark Wrote: My school said I don't need programming to start penetration testing if I just want to use tools but I want to learn programming anyways so I might as well.

That's a good idea to strive for it. Don't use the tools before you understand how it works behind the scenes.

(05-05-2020, 04:52 AM)QMark Wrote: I have three years left of school till my bachelors in IT, but then I'm going for my masters in computer science if I can get my GPA to a 3.0 (I'm almost there).

IT classes are not the same as comp sci, so I probably have 5 years left if you add everything up. Maybe 6 since I'm going at two classes per semester, but probably five and a half if you count the masters degree.

Two semesters ago I was doing three classes per semester and I may go back to that for my masters in order to back in in two and a half more years.

Not bad dude. Didn't know you were studying for bachelor. I'm a dropout myself. Takes some dedication to get through that academia. Some of really doesn't feel relevant to the practical world. But there's definitely things to learn there.

(05-05-2020, 04:52 AM)QMark Wrote: So the people at my school may tell me to save the intense programming for when I am going for my masters in comp sci but I don't know if they are really gonna insist on me just learning to use hacker tools first or not. I also think it would be a good idea to familiarize myself with programming fundamentals anyways for hacking.

But my first goal is computer networking. Once I have a CCNA, I can continue to practice computer networking two or three times per week in my school's computer lab and they let me set up and work with networks to maintain the knowledge. I can even google things and experiment so long as I document everything I do.

Then, once I have CCNA, I'm gonna add in Linux and work in the lab on those two things. My Linux goal is get through LPIC-0, LPIC-1, and LPIC-2 at least before I add in Windows. For Windows my goal is to get through at least MCSA of Windows 10. Basically I want to be proficient in all three by the end of next school year.

My school tells me that once I become advanced enough at networking, Linux, and Windows, then I can start to take penetration testing courses (penetration testing courses are more relevant to my major than to CS because I'm an IT major according to them). But I do know that programming is a must if I want to be good at penetration testing. And I suspect based on what I am hearing on places like this forum we're on right now and the surprisingly believable answers that skipping programming just to start with hacking tools probably isn't a good idea. When I told them I was supposed to learn programming to start hacking, they said "you don't have to know programming just to start" and then told me that most people that hack, even people who aren't script kiddies, don't necessarily know loads of programming.

But I know if I learn programming that will be more effective so I don't know if I should put that off until I am going for my masters or not (I suspect not).

But right now my goals are just computer networking is goal #1. Goal #2 is Linux and goal #3 is Windows. Those three I am dedicated to getting the basics of at least by the end of the 2020-2021 school year. But after CCNA I am gonna quickly do Security+ just because I am practicing for the CCDC Team in the networking division and to do cyber defense I have to know some security. So I am gonna take a week or two if I have time this summer after CCNA to familiarize myself with security+ concepts.

I don't want security to be an afterthought with any of this stuff because MuddyBucket told me otherwise and because I am interested in security and hacking especially. I just have been too lazy so far to get the prerequisites to get to that stuff.

Impressive! You have a lot of plans and dedication. If you pull through and don't let all this be talk that you'll have something to be proud of. Success sometimes demands hard work and sacrifice.

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