Poll: Is Vigilante Hacking a Good Idea?
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Vigilante Hacking - Heroes or Menaces
(05-10-2020, 02:07 PM)DeepLogic Wrote: This thread is for discussing vigilante hacking. By vigilante hacking I mean doing illegal hacking for reasons the vigilante considers morally right. Should vigilante hacking be legal? Is vigilante hacking even helpful or effective?
I think it is helpful and effective also necessary sometimes xd, I dont think it will be legal, them lawmakers are careful to not leave holes for abuse and considering these type of cases I think it would be hard to determine what n what not to justify. Still there are things one can pwn all day long without the need to worry about law, like taking over botnets and marketplaces n so on. Hacktivism on the other hand its risky so one has to consider if the cause is worth it.

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