Script Kiddies
(05-19-2020, 09:38 PM)Dismal_0x8 Wrote: You're free to disagree of course. But what about skilled social engineers, hardware hackers, and other people in fields where coding isn't essential? One of the more common definitions of hacker is someone that uses a system in a way it wasn't intended. It isn't the end all definition. Who says that system has to even be a computer? It is simply a definition. Sure, plenty of skilled hackers can code.  But the idea that in order to not be a skid you have to be able to code is almost elitist. Hacking isn't confined to computer programs.

That's why I explicitly stated computer hacker in my response. Your post appeared to be specifically talking about script kiddies as it relates to computer hacking. A social engineer isn't a computer hacker, even if they use those skills to access data on a computer. I can't even fathom what a script kiddie social engineer would look like. or a script kiddie hardware hacker. Script kiddies are largely within the realm of computer hacking, and in the realm of computer hacking, programming is a fundamental skill.