what do I do once I complete this CCNA textbook?
So I'm reading this book "Cisco CCNA Simplified 6th Edition" by Paul Browning. I am 10% of the way through the book. That's great but when I finally finish the book, how do I study the material in order to pass the exam? I don't think they are expecting me to memorize the whole textbook right?

Here's what I am doing so far. Each time I read a chapter, I then reread the chapter and take notes on it the second time around. Then, I read it a third time and do the lab for the chapter. Then I take the online chapter quiz from the companion website for the book.

Here's the thing. Once I complete the book, so I just study the notes? I obviously should do the advanced labs that come with the book but what else do I do? Is there anything I should flashcard? Is there anything I just need to do labs to get? Where do I get high quality practice exams?

This is for CCNA R&S and I assume that once I get through that I can get a job as a network professional given that I have already completed A+ and Net+.

Thanks so much.
All you have mentioned are considered good practices and will help you study. Each person however has a different way of memorizing so you have to know yourself and focus on what help you the most.

Flashcards, labs and notes are key for studying whatever topic.
All you have mentioned up to the point of doing the labs. Is a good way to learn. After that, what i would do is go for the Advanced Labs while keeping the notes handy for when you need a sneak peak.

I'd say you're doing great so far.