Lockout Imminent

Can anyone save my baco....
I purged my passwords from all network storage devices and encrypted them on my air-gapped network. Unfortunately, my keys don't work and I cannot decrypt my passes. The ones that are life/blood are on hardware keys and paper.. So I will lose at one-point access to this account because all the info within it is fake, email, ect.

Is there anything I can do or should I be more responsible next time and create a new account when I need to?

Gotta have a backdoor man ;). I've had my server SSH set to pubkey only authentication and lost my key when I switch OS's on my laptop. One time I got in through a telnet service I had forgotten I set up. Another time I hooked a keyboard up to the server, logged in, and typed in a netcat reverse shell back to my laptop without being able to see any output. I'm a responsible home network sysadmin... O:D
Welcome back BAC0NSW0RD Smile I recognize your name, glad to see you're back. Sent you a PM regarding account recovery!