could I share my networking notes with the forum?
So I have been taking this CCNA Udemy course by Neil Anderson and its not going perfectly. So I decided I'm going to buy the official CCNA Certification Guide, which is a textbook.

Once I start reading the book, I am gonna take notes on each chapter to make sure I understand it. I wanna share my notes here for multiple reasons:

  1. maybe other people will benefit if my notes are good
  2. if my notes are bad then maybe someone can point me in the right direction to make sure I get the basic concept.
I think by explaining it to you guys on the forum that I will then be able to understand it myself. Please give brutally honest corrections where necessary. I want to learn.

Would you say that's appropriate for the forum?
Sure feel free to share your knowledge, it will  probably be of help to people in the future Tongue
Brutal honesty is our specialty  Angel

Learning things the hard way is certainly beneficial, if you struggle but keep at it until the point you know something that's generally the point where you have truly come to an understanding of the subject material. At least, it works like that for me often times.

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