Offensive Security PWK 2020 v2 Torrent
Let's get this forum on fire with this content, it's a torrent so plz seed as much as you can, share and promote this content through torrent, it's the only way to keep this content online because links in gdrive, mega, etc are going down sooner or later, hack the planet!!


Update: Please seed as much as you can, the server have to go down for some days because I'm moving, sorry if it's not available but keep trying.
Torrent doesn't seem to work for me... anyway, you wouldn't by any chance have the vulnapp1, 2 and 3 that is part of the new course? I'd like to check them out, and I know some people who would love the practice.
Ya I havent found any seeders since trying it. So...
Hi guys, sorry buy I move and I have to shutdown the server for some days, it's up again, enjoy.
Well damn, I was very skeptical about this torrent since 99% of links I have found have failed, this one worked and I will keep seeding, thank you!

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