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Hello guys,

I'm searching for an easily useable PSN API. I'm planning develop a Tool for Windows PC's where you login and then see your Games, some Settings, Trophies and Friends. The original PSN API is kinda confusing for me and not really useable so thats why I'm asking for help here.

I'm glad about any answer!

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Idk which api you're talking about. This is the one I found Idk what programming language you're using either. If you don't like/want to use the api you could just make your own (in a way). You could scrape the information and automate the actions you want to do. Obviously this is harder than using an API made by PSN. But it's definitely something to consider.
Is the PSN API designed to interact with just your PSN App? Say you have a phone with your PSN App, does this API allow you to develop similar apps that interface with your Playstation and playstation plus account?

Personally i only have experience with PlayStation console 'hacking' i put that in quotes because there's specialized hardware, IDE's and lots of pre-built scripts you can employ out of the box.

A little off-topic perhaps but i really enjoyed diving deeper into the process and the language they use to write the mod/hack scripts. Which in my case was GPC since the friend of mine who i usually did the console hacking with had the hardware that supported GPC. What i found particularly fascinating is that you basically put a specialized piece of hardware between the controller input and the controller. This is hooked up to a laptop that has the IDE and can in effect read the instructions going in and out as you press certain buttons.

The hacks weren't as much of a software hack as it was a firmware or hardware hack, since you'd intercept the input and output, saved the values. Then wrote a GPC script to modify the values that would be passed to the controller input by flashing it to the firmware components you could do all kinds of cool things such as making single shot weapons in online FPS games shoot in bursts, or on full auto. Tweak built in aim assist values and lots more.

Combining programming elements and the tweaks to how the controller firmware interpreted the input you'd be able to create pretty sophisticated implementations.

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