NSA Python Training
NSA Python Training
So recently the user "Chris Swenson" from twitter filed a so called "Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request" with the NSA for access to its Python training materials. He got a 400-page printout of the agency's COMP 3321 Python training course.

Read more about this news here: https://www.zdnet.com/article/python-pro...-beginners

Decided it might be worth sharing here for fun and learning Smile He's scanned this into the wayback machine so you can read it. It covers introduction to python and some automation.

Table of contents:
- Python Basics
- Useful Modules
- Exercises
- Projects
- Project Ideas
- Resources
- Documentation
- NSA Course Materials
- Books
- Others

Read full document here: https://archive.org/details/comp3321/pag...p?q=device
(08-14-2020, 10:30 PM)Insider Wrote: -snip-

Interesting training, Always cool learning how does the NSA train their programmers. The training start from scratch, but personally I wouldn't recommend it as a starting first training. more like an intermediate level training to learn about the packages after some weeks.
only a third of the tutorial goes about the python and its syntax, and does so very briefly, everything else is mostly packages, some wont need to ever use them at all to be honest.
But, always interesting to watch, the logging package is very handy, no idea how I never heard of it...

Thanks for the post
This is sweet, I will def bookmark this and look more into this when I have the time Big Grin
Sherif Eldeeb (a.k.a. @0xdeeb on Twitter , https://twitter.com/0xdeeb?lang=en ) optimized the 118MB PDF uploaded originally by Chris Swenson and got it down to an 18MB file size:

Sherif Eldeeb's blog post regarding the shrunk-down NSA Python PDF: https://deeb.io/wrdprs/?p=406

Direct link to the shrunken NSA Python PDF: https://deeb.io/wrdprs/wp-content/upload...21_red.pdf

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