[2020-09-14] Fixed JS issues and IP-ban false positive.
[2020-09-14] Fixed JS issues and IP-ban false positive.
  • Fixed JS bug that made moderation hard.
  • Fixed modal popups: Members can now report posts, rate reputation etc without problem.
  • Modified mod-tools "Purge Spammer" so it doesn't auto-ban IP. We've had a problem where banning spammers leads to us banning tor/vpn. And therefore legitimate users cannot access the forum. This has been fixed.
  • Purged all previous banned IPs. You are all free! 1868 IPs has been removed from the blocklist.

Roadmap ahead:
* Fix assets so it fetches from local location. To prevent hidden service from accessing exit nodes etc.
* Fix major issues for mobile theme version.
* Add backwards compatibility functionaliy for legacy/bcrypt users to change password, email etc.
* Fix a proper mail server for password recovery.

ITT fixing this broken ass forum Big Grin
(09-14-2020, 08:51 PM)Insider Wrote: ITT fixing this broken ass forum Big Grin

[Image: greysecgreatagain.png]
В процессе эксплуатации автомобиля происходит износ ветрового стекла. На него воздействует окружающая среда: грязь, песок, пыль
замена лобового стекла В результате скол на лобовом стекле. Он может перерасти в трещину. Трещина или скол на лобовом стекле не всегда требуют его замены.

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