Binary Exploitation Tutorials (Videos)
Binary Exploitation Tutorials (Videos)

Youtube Wrote:Short ~10min videos about binary exploitation. From beginner to advanced

Table of contents
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LiveOverflow Channel Introduction and Backstory - bin 0x00

Introduction to Linux - Installation and the Terminal - bin 0x01

Writing a simple Program in C - bin 0x02

Writing a simple Program in Python - bin 0x03

How a CPU works and Introduction to Assembler - bin 0x04

Reversing and Cracking first simple Program - bin 0x05

Simple Tools and Techniques for Reversing a binary - bin 0x06

Uncrackable Programs? Key validation with Algorithm and creating a Keygen - Part 1/2 - bin 0x07

Uncrackable Program? Finding a Parser Differential in loading ELF - Part 2/2 - bin 0x08

Syscalls, Kernel vs. User Mode and Linux Kernel Source Code - bin 0x09

The deal with numbers: hexadecimal, binary and decimals - bin 0x0A

Smashing the Stack for Fun and Profit - setuid, ssh and - bin 0x0B

First Stack Buffer Overflow to modify Variable - bin 0x0C

Buffer Overflows can Redirect Program Execution - bin 0x0D

First Exploit! Buffer Overflow with Shellcode - bin 0x0E

Doing ret2libc with a Buffer Overflow because of restricted return pointer - bin 0x0F

Reverse engineering C programs - bin 0x10

A simple Format String exploit example - bin 0x11

Global Offset Table (GOT) and Procedure Linkage Table (PLT) - bin 0x12

Format String Exploit and overwrite the Global Offset Table - bin 0x13

The Heap: what does malloc() do? - bin 0x14

The Heap: How to exploit a Heap Overflow - bin 0x15

Explaining Dirty COW local root exploit - CVE-2016-5195

The Heap: How do use-after-free exploits work? - bin 0x16

The Heap: Once upon a free() - bin 0x17

The Heap: dlmalloc unlink() exploit - bin 0x18

First steps into networking with net0 from protostar - bin 0x19

TCP Protocol introduction - bin 0x1A

Socket programming in python and Integer Overflow - bin 0x1B

Linux signals and core dumps - bin 0x1C

First remote root exploit - bin 0x1D

Remote format string exploit in syslog() - bin 0x1E

[Live] Remote oldschool dlmalloc Heap exploit - bin 0x1F

Rooting a CTF server to get all the flags with Dirty COW - CVE-2016-5195

Developing an intuition for binary exploitation - bin 0x20

Buffer overflow on a modern system impossible? stack0: part 1 - bin 0x21

Identifying another exploit mitigation and find bypass. stack0: part 2 - bin 0x22

Bruteforce 32bit Stack Cookie. stack0: part 3 - bin 0x23

Playing around with a Format String vulnerability and ASLR. format0 - bin 0x24

Stack grooming and 100% reliable exploit for format0 - bin 0x25

format2 on a modern Ubuntu - bin 0x26

Adapting the 32bit exploit to 64bit for format4 - bin 0x27

heap0 exploit speedrun & weird ASCII string on the Heap - bin 0x28

Introducing Weird Machines: ROP Differently Explaining part 1 - bin 0x29

Weird Return-Oriented Programming Tutorial - bin 0x2A

Exploit Fails? Debug Your Shellcode - bin 0x2B

Finding main() in Stripped Binary - bin 0x2C

Reversing Statically-Linked Binaries with Function Signatures - bin 0x2D

Cannot access memory at address // Debugging PIE Binaries affected by ASLR - bin 0x2E

Patching Binaries (with vim, Binary Ninja, Ghidra and radare2) - bin 0x2F

Writing a Simple Buffer Overflow Exploit

File Path Race Condition & How To Prevent It - bin 0x31

Exploit Dev Pitfall Corrupted Shellcode - bin 0x30

Race Condition Trick /proc/self/fd

Introduction to Docker for CTFs

Solving Pwnable CTF Challenge With Docker Workflow

Mindmapping a Pwnable Challenge - intro_pwn/pwn1 CSCG 2020


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