[Podcast] USING-OS1nt-For-Good
A conversation with @ElementalX2  who served SECARMY as one of thee founding member 

Podcast Highlights
  •  Why and how is osint helpful
  •  What are few darksides of osint
  •  Does this technique work on privacy-aware people
  •  How to use osint for Cyber Threat Intelligence
  •  Explains his journey on  trace labs
  •  How missing people be tracked on internet
  •  Talks about   social media intelligence
  •  How to use  Google dorks  for collective intelligence

Social accounts 

[Image: 0d76b58b93d0b8fab6962c03b04b0e55.png]    [Image: 2f10cd3121cdef082a2abbad31f84256.png]    [Image: f516fda6ea41fb8a816fa989e0b70095.png]  [Image: 2da24c1d2041921a9f03b89aba088207.png]

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