A Question for the community

Today while working on one of my projects i had to think of something. There are many topics within the hacker domain, we all know this. But which topics would be interesting enough for the greysec community.

So that's why i want to ask you peeps this question: What topics do you guys and gals find interesting and would you like to see explained? Or what topic would you like an introduction to?

If you peeps have any suggestions leave them down below. I'd love to work on something for this community. For both the new hackers that just started on their journey and of course the veterans who have been around for a while.

Have a nice day,

may be some thing related to android exploitation would be nice since there are less post about android hacking.
Anything really, but personally I find malware-related projects kind of interesting Smile And ditto as thunder said, mobile exploitation is something I don't see a lot of topics on around here. Could be something interesting to explore!
Advanced exploit development would be something i'd like to see more content on personally.
(11-10-2020, 02:46 AM)Vector Wrote: Advanced exploit development would be something i'd like to see more content on personally.

Same, that would be really cool.Developing scripts to exploit known CVEs and so on.
But honestly whatever content if it's high quality I will be more than happy to read and learn Big Grin
Specifically I always wanted to get into IoT Exploit Dev, but never got around to learning ARM assembly and everything it entailed. Can't imagine it's too much different than regular desktop exploit dev, but syscalls are likely going to be very different on a FreeRTOS system (or whatever custom bootloader Arduino & STM32 use) compared to a typical UNIX environment. Knowing some other distinctions would be nice too.
Would be neat to see something on the subject at a lower level than anything like MicroPython or Lua (ESP8266) or whatever, but if there's a way to easily interface with those runtimes at a low level (I'm assuming there is) then that would also be pretty cool.

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