Attacks on Tor - Paper
Just found this paper on Github, really interesting enumerating the several attacks that are/were used in the tor network.

Quote:Tor is the largest anonymous communication network. Recent papers discuss the vulnerabilities of Tor’s Onion Router design and question the effectiveness of Tor. These vulnerabilities are increasingly exploited by de-anonymizing attacks. Over the years the attacks have grown to be more complex and effective, increasing the need for hybrid attacks that can be deployed at the network layer, protocol layer or application layer. We will discuss published attacks on Tor and categorize them for further analysis. Tor’s principles of freedom and privacy have also introduced some ethical vulnerabilities. The cover that the network provides attracts criminal behavior and has led to a bad reputation. This has caused lawyer-based attacks and adjustments on the fourth amendment to be a point of discussion. Additionally, Tor deals with financial insecurities and a dependency on volunteers. To ensure the continuity of Tor, a dynamic ecosystem should be built around the network by stimulating further development and research in anonymous communication services.
This is pretty cool, when I get a spare min I will read more. Tor is pretty cool tho, I don't think you can do much to "de-anonymize" anyone.

Either way, seems cool.
Interesting! I still would say that TOR is pretty secure, but it is always good to stay up to date with any arising vulnerabilities.

Basically, I guess that the ones running a tor hidden service are more targeted than normal TOR users, as those normal users would be (if good OpSec behaviours are used) way too hard to track down and correlate.

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