PS4 Exploitation
This has been making its rounds lately. It is a solid write-up of not only the exploits involved, but some of the thought process and other avenues of attack explored before finding what ended up being the final exploit.

The tutorial takes place in three parts, starting with the Webkit exploit to gain userland ROP, then going from ROP to full code execution, and finally, the third part covers the kernel exploitation stage. From getting code execution in the kernel via BadIRET through to breaking out of the jail and returning successfully from the kernel back into userland.
Have you had a chance to try any of this? I would love two but it wont work out for several reasons, mainly due to the fact I don't own a Next Console. I also have a tendency to brick devices.
Yes, I have tried and it works
Too bad it only works for firmware 1.76 only.

Cannot belive it works with the PS4, we used a similar method on the PS3 super slim, using SFO buffer exploitation

But, we are trying to bring a similar exploit to the current firmware

I have been away from the PS scene, but our crew hasn't

BTW, we are thedarkprogrammar's team

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