Aspects of new computer?
I’ve got a question. Let’s assume that I wanted to buy a new computer to host a chat website for the world to use. This chat website would use Ubuntu, a Nginx web server, and would also be located in files in the /var/www/html directory. This website would also use php scripts in order for people to communicate. What technical features should I have and what specs should I consider for the computer in order for this computer to serve its clients the best it possibly could in terms of traffic, scalability, performance, etc?
Scalability should be the least of your concerns given chat sites aren't really popular nowadays unless they're the best thing in their specific niche (i.e. Discord for gaming, Slack for work, etc.). Chances are, if you're still working out all the technical stuff, then you don't already have an active/large enough userbase to warrant scalability concerns.

The best thing you can do is test how much your script/server takes already. Run an instance of your server in a local nginx instance, then try flooding it with clients until something breaks. Use those numbers to figure out what specs you need.
If you don't plan on focusing on privacy using cloud services is a very great solution when you don't know how many resources you will need (and get more if you ever need to due to scalability).

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