Help me hacking WPA2 wifi

Someone please help me with hacking WPA2 wifi?

I've tried aircrack and other normal tools, but it won't work. Someone please help me with real commands to hack any wifi?

Sharing knowledge is everything. I hope someone will help me with this.
What does "real commands" mean?
Don't try to give the "share knowledge" spiel if you can't even share your problem.
I expect aircrack-ng isn’t working because you don’t have a good enough wordlist
There's tons of guides on this out there. Follow it and explain where your trouble starts.

Just telling us "aircrack isn't working" doesn't tell us anything. We need specifics of your problem to help you.

Just FYI... read this thread and ask question the smart way:
You could start from reading here I think:
Could you elaborate on the problems you've been having? What have you tried so far, which components of Aircrack-NG have you been using, in what order. Have you been using any other tooling? How about your wireless network card? Is it suitable for this sort of thing? have you looked into that? We can't help you if you don't provide specific information on what you did and what went wrong.

Now i could write you a comprehensive guide on WiFi hacking, but i'm not the type to spoon feed generally speaking. If you want to learn something you're going to have to put some effort into it and you can start by writing a thread that actually provides us with useful information, relevant to what you are trying to do and what is going wrong.

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