HEY FAMILY.. Help me out :-(
Hello everyone!
Its ALPXHAX here and I'm noob  Sad 
I'm learning python and I need help of you people to get me started towards cyber security field
I know some basics in Hacking and looking forward to learn more.
Can anyone help me get started?
Don't worry I'm not that kinda gay who says "Oh! So you are a hacker! Hack my Facebook."
Thanks Big Grin
What research have you already done about cybersecurity and its subfields, and what interests you the most?
(12-05-2020, 04:11 PM)poppopret Wrote: What research have you already done about cybersecurity and its subfields, and what interests you the most?
I've done nothing... im interested in networking and exploit stuff
Why would we ask you for money? This forum isn't a marketplace. Like poppopret mentioned, what research have you done on your own?

Also when you say you know the basics of hacking you're going to have to be a little more specific in order for us to know what you do and do not know. Also, hacking isn't a single discipline it consists of a lot of sub-fields and specialties.

What would you want to learn about? Malware? Web Application Security? OS Security? Networking?
I don't think there's many people who would be willing to spend time and mentor you. Time is a precious thing. But if you have any more specific questions, I'm sure we could help.

But for starters, keep on learning python. Knowing at least one scripting language in hacking is pretty useful. You could automate things, create malware, create scripts that leverages exploits (IE, a proof-of-concept - POC).

I'd say dip your toes into a bit of everything and see what sticks, and try specialize in that. Hacking/security is very broad, there's no good way to tackle everything at once. Once you find something that interests you, try to learn more and become good at it. And branch out from there.

For starters, you could check out all of our sections here. Plenty of things to learned.
Quote:I don't think there's many people who would be willing to spend time and mentor you.

I don't think he specifically asked for this. But we may be interpreting it differently. Though to add on to what you've said, there are some industries/professions where this is a normal/regular thing. And it can add value to both parties. However hacking, at its core, is very much a mentality of problem solving/figuring shit out. So people with this mentality are unlikely to be like "ya, ill walk you through/teach you how to do shit". Like, if you want to enter a field where problem solving is the core trait, avoid asking people to essentially solve your problems for you. Particularly at a very basic level. And if you can't figure out a problem, and want help, bring your entire thought process to the table. Like, "Hey, I tried A, B, and C, and I expected W result, but I got X results for A, Y results for B, and Z results for C." Or "I have this code, I expect it to do X, but get Y result. I've tried A, B, and C debugging steps/looked at this documentation". This is then problem that might interest someone who's hobby involves figuring shit out. Maybe they know the answer right off the top, or maybe they need to figure it out - but you're gonna get a lot more help from a hacker by taking this kind of mentality.
Didn't realize you posted this in the exploit section.
Moved to "General Hacking".
Stick with python and research some of the 3rd party modules like scapy which will help you with Networking

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