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(12-07-2020, 05:56 PM)astronomo Wrote: How are you ? I'm new here. I need help, I work in the computer network area for a short time, I'm an intern. As everyone knows, the professional market is extremely competitive. However, I have been trying to improve myself not only in the area, but also in my English. But after all, what do I need help with? Well, even though I wake up early to study every day, sometimes I feel dumb and incapable, and it ends up affecting my psychological state. Could you recommend books that can help me improve, I have always been fascinated by ddos attacks, man-inthe-middle and ransoware. I wanted to impress my manager by finding a flaw in the company's system.

Feel free to give your opinion, or even curse me

Honestly for the context you gave me I kind of suspect that you are willing to learn concepts fast. And in my opinion the best way to do so is getting your hands dirty.

Also, surprising your boss with a lot of knowledge might sound awesome, but it isn't the first time someone tries to hack their own organization and it doesn't end well. So I would first ask for permission to be in the clear. 

I would suggest using apps like DVWA[1] which will not only teach you the theory but also practice. There are many apps like that one, all depending on the kind of app you are willing to pentest.
Another good suggestion is sites like vulnhub[2] or hack the box[3]. They will help you learn not only how to get into a web app but what to do next to root the box. If you are stuck you can see video breakthroughs on YouTube (search Ippsec[4] for example).

Good luck and don't do stupid things!

[1] - DVWA:
[2] - vulnhub:
[3] - hack the box:
[4] - IppSec:

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