Commando VM: Windows Offensive Distro
Commando VM: Windows Offensive Distro

Found a pretty interesting concept for a security distro the other day. Might be worth reading about. One of the few actual windows based distributions made for offensive security that I've heard about.

Fireeye Wrote:For penetration testers looking for a stable and supported Linux testing platform, the industry agrees that Kali is the go-to platform. However, if you’d prefer to use Windows as an operating system, you may have noticed that a worthy platform didn’t exist. As security researchers, every one of us has probably spent hours customizing a Windows working environment at least once and we all use the same tools, utilities, and techniques during customer engagements. Therefore, maintaining a custom environment while keeping all our tool sets up-to-date can be a monotonous chore for all. Recognizing that, we have created a Windows distribution focused on supporting penetration testers and red teamers.

Penetration testers commonly use their own variants of Windows machines when assessing Active Directory environments. Commando VM was designed specifically to be the go-to platform for performing these internal penetration tests. The benefits of using a Windows machine include native support for Windows and Active Directory, using your VM as a staging area for C2 frameworks, browsing shares more easily (and interactively), and using tools such as PowerView and BloodHound without having to worry about placing output files on client assets.

Commando VM uses Boxstarter, Chocolatey, and MyGet packages to install all of the software, and delivers many tools and utilities to support penetration testing. This list includes more than 140 tools.

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