GS Training Camp [Thread Compilation]
GS Training Camp [Thread Compilation]

Curated list of some of the most useful and HQ threads worth checking out. Categorized by section. Be sure to let me know if you feel like I missed a thread. Or you think your thread deserved a spot on this list.
Low-level Security and Malware
Malware Development
The Malware Mega Thread:
How do I learn Malware coding?:
Designing Shellcode Demystified:
A Cookbook To Your Very Own Crypter™:
Basics on Crypters and Binders:
Bypassing antivirus mechanics:
CIA Vault7 Leak - Development Tradecraft DOs and DON'Ts:
[HOW TO] Guide to Shellcoding:
Antivirus Evasion for Penetration Testing Engagements :
[Malware] On converting binary ASM to Bytearray Shellcode:

Exploit Development
Learn Exploit Development While Avoiding the Plague/Covid-19:
Binary Exploitation Tutorials:
Exploit Writing Tutorials (Corelan):
Using Ptrace to intercept system calls under Linux:
Binary Exploitation Tutorials (Videos):
Windows exploitation:
Thoughts on Buffer Overflow protections:
Introduction to Stack Based Overflows on Linux:
The life of binaries and exploiting the knowledge gained from it:
Step by step Binary Exploitation:

DFIR and Reverse Engineering
Malware samples:
[YT] Analysis of malware:
Reverse Engineering for Beginners:
Reverse Engineering 101/102 Learning Material (Github):
Reverse Engineering Challenges/Exercises (
Reverse Engineering a Satellite TV Receiver device:
Mini-Intro to Reverse Engineering Embedded Devices:
Security and Exploitation
General Hacking and Security
DIY Guide For Hacking Servers (2nd Edition):
Basic Linux privilege escalation by kernel exploits:
Information Gathering Techniques:
Security/Hacking Ebook Collection:
Exploit Tutorials: 
Guide to General Hacking:
Infosec Cheatsheets:
DLL Hijacking (Learning resources):
Windows Privilege Escalation (And more...):
Hacker Conferences Archive - Download/Torrents (Defcon and more..):
Ideas for Privilege Escalation (Linux):
[Links] Resources - Wargames and Hacking Challenges:
[Link Collection] Getting Started in Infosec:

Application Security
Guide to XSS (Examples included):
Re-posted and Updated [Complete MySQL Injection]:
Cross-Site Request Forgery Attacks:
SQL Injection [Union Based]:
[Dedicated] Obfuscated SQL Injection:
APPSEC Github resources:
Coldfusion hacking:
CRLF Injection - Manipulating an HTTP Request:
[Tutorial] Request header MySQL injection using netcat and burp suite:
[SSI] Server-Side Includes Injection. [Tutorial]:   
Basics of website and server hacking:
WebDAV Hacking [Detect & Exploit]:
Exploiting Reflective XSS (Post):
General Web-app Hacking - Gaining Access:
[Video] Basic LFI and uploading PHP Shell:
Uploading PHP Shell [Live HTTP Headers - and more ...]:
More Cross-Site Request Forgery Attack Techniques:
Web Application Firewalls [Explanation & Hacking]:

Anonymity and Privacy
General OPSEC Resources:
Practical Anonymity:
OPSEC For Hackers:
So, you want to be a darknet drug lord:
Jolly Roger's Security Guide:
Growing a Flower in the Dark (Mental health & OPSEC):
101 Ways to screw up making fake Identity (Online):
The CryptoPaper by CryptoSeb:
How to lie to people : Achieving anonymity through disinformation and data poisoning:
Full Disclosure [PDF]:
The Paranoid's Bible: An Anti-Dox Effort:
Centralized Place for Privacy Resources:
VPNs for the Paranoid:
Ideas of cultivating Aliases and integrating deception:
Managing Pseudonyms with Compartmentalization:
Cell Phone OPSEC:
I2P Safety:
Threats of Tor Entry Guards:
Secure Messaging Apps Comparison:
Alpraking's OPSEC guide to being a successful kingpin:
Off-the-record Communications with XMPP [Hygiene]:
Tor - Intro & OPSEC:
The Complete Beginner's Guide to Bitcoin Mixing:
Undercover Police Procedures:
OPSEC for New Police Tools - Burner phones may be losing their effectiveness:
Opsec guidelines:     
Evading Stylometry Attacks Using VIM Spellcheck:
Fingerprinting Attacks on Screen Resolution:
Undercover communication:
Operational Security While hacking:
Operational Security for Hacktivists:               

[Tutorial] Steganography, a basic introduction:
Crypto 101 [Introductory course for crypto]:
Cryptography Tutorials [Videos]:
Intro to Onetime-pads (Spy VS CounterSpy):
[Ebook] The code book: How to break it:
Free cryptography course (Online, Stanford):
Cracking the Zodiac cipher (Video Series):
Cryptology: A brief Introduction [pt.1]:
PGP - Should you sign your messages?:
Cryptographic Recommendations:
PGP Opsec:
Luks Killswitch:
PGP Tutorial For Newbs (Gpg4Win):   

Network Security
[Blog-Post] Hosting a Tor Hidden Service Decently:
Practical DNS-Amplification:
Attacks on Tor - Paper:
[Ebooks] DNS:
Internet of Things (In)security - MQTT Protocol:
Introduction to Telephony and PBX (Phrack):
[Tutorial] Password Attacks With Hydra:
Portscanning - Beginner Tutorial:
Introduction to VLAN Hopping:
Denying Someone's Device from a Public WiFi:
[Article] BGP Hijacking:
Port 22 - should we really be using port 22 for SSH?:
TCP/IP Learning Resources:
CCNA Study Guide - Networking 101:
ssh hardening and probing:
Information Gathering: Finding Server IP:
Human Manipulation
Human Manipulation Ebook collection:
Social Engineering: Your deadliest tool:
The Gentlemen's Guide To Forum Spies:
Keeping Secrets [OPSEC/SE]:
The 48 Laws of Power:
Practical Examples of Social Engineering:
On the matter of establishing TRUST (Social Engineering):
Ask me no questions I'll tell you no lies:
Basic yet effective SE method:
Technology and Miscellaneous IT-Discussion
Open IT-Discussion
Quick list of InfoSec Resources:
(IT-Resources) Link List:
Youtube/Podcast Thread:
Babel: Free online ebook libraries:
OSCP Preparation (Links):
IT/Other Documentary Thread:
Phrack Ezine Collection:
[Article]What every CS Major should know:
A Cyberpunk's Guide to Dumpster Diving:       

Operating Systems
System Calls under Linux:
Basic Security Practises [Harden Debian 8.0]:
Operating systems study guide:
Linux Journey -- A beginner's resource for learning Linux:   
Programming and Development
General Programming
Free Programming eBooks:
Guide to Git and Github:
ASM Learning Resources:
Programming from the Ground Up:
Introduction to Machine Learning:
List of Programming challenges & exercises:   
Best Resources for Newbies to Programming:

NET Languages
[Ebook] Learn Powershell/Azure:
Learn VB.NET With Cryptography:

Java and Scala
Useful resources to become a better Java programmer:
Manipulating Java Bytecode using ObjectWeb's ASM:

Scripting Languages
Python Security Tutorials:
So you want to be a Python programmer? [Vector's Introduction to Python]:

C, C++ and Obj-C
[Tutorial] Intro to Pointers:
[Ebook] C++ Primer (6th edition):

Web Oriented Languages
Finding vulnerabilities in PHP scripts:
Web Development Resources:

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