Best approach for a site with no SSL
(01-02-2021, 01:19 PM)9ys Wrote: If you want to get cerdinals or db you have nothing to do with the presence of the ssl, it has nothing to do with. Cuz ssl is a means of transporting data in secure/encrypted mode.
Even ssl vulnerabilities can't help you get cerdinals or db, EXCEPT if you are in the same network with the administrator or users of the website.

Well, finally u must learn more about web pentesting, and take a basic look inside webservers , then learn more about how to discover and exploit web vuln in different FRAMWORKS, It's a bit big because each web framework differs from one to another u can start by php or python or smth else, Then practice and act, just be patient Big Grin . Good luck Wink

I do run my own servers ( apache, nginx), crack WIFI, test run a botnet, modified a crypter.
For sure I'm just starting though.

I tried scanning the site with a cms detector but nothing came up. I'm guessing it's not wordpress or commmon frameworks.

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