Fonts in tor browser
I downloaded an external font and I'm using it for my webpage. I'm using @font-face and font-family, along with the src: url for woff2, woff, and truetype to use this font. The font is properly working when I go and check my webpage on localhost. However, I have this webpage also on tor, and when I go and try to access this webpage on tor, the font isn't loading up. Everything is in plain, ordinary text. Is there anything I need to configure, or can tor not load up the fonts for some reason?
Are you loading the font locally or remotely? Maybe check if noscript or request policy is blocking anything in tor browser.
AFAIK Tor only allows/whitelists certain system fonts to be rendered, because arbitrary third-party fonts can be used for fingerprinting.
Note: I can't be bothered to read the whole threads right now, so I can't tell you if it was actually implemented, that's just my guess. But given there was discussion on the subject, I'm assuming it was implemented. <-- Discussion on the subject <-- Discussion on the whitelist

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