InfoCroc, a new darknet board approach
Buon giorno everyone!

I am glad that I am able to announce that my personal darknet Board InfoCroc has been finalised Smile

The board focuses on discussions about the darknet, conspiracy theories, general intel/information sharing, data breaches & leaks of all kind, as well as any kind of dicussion that you want to anonymously participate in due to whatever circumstances.

It is only online for a few days now, so please understand the lack of regular posts. However, I surely hope that the board increases in useful posts, active members and interesting information, and would be glad and honored to see you participate! Smile

The board is open to every guest, which means that you do not need to register to read through the threads and posts made by the board's members. This way, I want to give everyone the chance to decide for themselves if they think the board suits their interest while making sure that the server is not burdened with throw-away accounts of any kind.

If you would like to share your thoughts or feedback on the site & board, you can do so by either replying to this thread or directly contacting me on InfoCroc, either by private message or by replying to the thread called Overview & Guideline.

If you wonder why the board only consists of one forum (The Croc's belly), that is to collect a decent amount of information that will later be divided into more forums, each one concentrating on specific topics.

The official v3 link: http://zesrjelnymntpzxqhd7vvw2lenrqwj5fn...qiid.onion

Thank you very much for your attention!

Cheers Tongue
Interesting, thanks for the share! I'll lurk.
(01-12-2021, 09:09 PM)Insider Wrote: Interesting, thanks for the share! I'll lurk.

Oh, thank you so much Smile

Have a nice one, even though there isn't much to look at (yet) Big Grin
I’ll but sure to visit your site and good luck hope it’s a success
(01-12-2021, 10:52 PM)FancyBear Wrote: I’ll but sure to visit your site and good luck hope it’s a success

Thank you, Fancy! Much appreciated Big Grin
Bookmarked, thank you. And hope it grows.
Is this onion site still up? Looks to be pretty down from my end.
sounds dope. i'll check it out. have you administered any other sites before?
does not open the page bro, greetings!

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