Need discuss questions about modern HVNC-2021
Topical questions on developing modern HVNC.

1. How to correctly build a universal video transmission protocol?
2. Examples of what public projects might be good examples for actual HVNC 2020-21. 
3. DPI bypass methods. Examples of suitable universal codecs, video-photo protocol encryption.
4. What video codec is better to choose?
5. Universal script to run concurrent sessions that will support Windows 7-64,32/Windows 10-64,32-others like 8 or vista doesn't matter at all.
6. Support for calling Chronium based browsers, Firefox and others relevant as
7. Webgl and keyboard emulation, Canvas Fingerprints implementation process, Font Fingerprinting, Web Brousers Features Detection, Mouse Movements Emulation.
8. But also, of course, statistics in the project, accounting OS in the target, etc. and the logic of auto on/off and manual on/off, statistics on active bots.
One of the important points, this response to links, i.e. if there are requests in cookies,,, the system reacts to these requests and shows in the bot line that they are in cookies Chronium, Firebird, in the future Edge.
9.  Question of actual autorun methods, com hijacking, dll hijacking, vmi event subscription.
10. Not many moments of realization with LOADER + Socks5.
Example of already implemented project:

Learning all about HVNC!

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