Are online courses worth it?
So I'm relatively new to "hacking". I started teaching myself through online forums and github repos about a year ago. I'm considering taking a 5 part, 7 month online ethickal hacking course through Phoenix University. This isn't about earning a career for me as much as it's about getting the knowledge and skills. My question is does anyone have  experience with this course or similar ones? And  would I be better off learning from hanging around on forums instead of shelling out the tuition? I'm leaving a link to the course. Please take a look at it and let me know if it seems like legit knowledge or just some bullshit that I'm gonna pay thousands in tuition for. Thanks.
Not even going to lie. From my few years of learning programming and moving onto more of a "hacking" field, I haven't needed to pay a dime to learn anything. If you're doing this kind of thing for a career, go for it. I know companies will look at certificates and certifications and go "this guy knows his stuff, lets hire him". However, if you're not interested in getting a job related to cyber security, I advise you don't spend any money (unless you really want to) on learning. What I've found best (for me at least) is learning how other people do their thing and then base my own projects and research off of that. I've never had to pay any money to learn anything, the only thing you have to pay is your time to be able to learn such skills. I believe that knowledge behind a paywall is kind of a scam. Up to you whether you want to spend that much money on a course. My professor is Mr. Google and assistant professor Dr. YouTube (really cool guys you should check them out).
Highly depends on what the course is and the syllabus of it. There's for example some great courses out there like PentesterAcademy and Sektor7 with a lot of good reputation in the industry.

But there's also some less good ones out there like CEH courses on Udemy.

Although on the questions of online courses are worth it in general or not. In my opinion it depends on what kind of person you are. Like Ueax said you can easily self learn most things in IT just here online for free. But if you lack self discipline and like to procastrinate... like me... sometimes a course might be a better way to structure it.

P.S You didn't leave any link in the thread.
This site offer brand new courses for a fraction of the cost
It's not that I wouldn't love to land a job doing and learning what I'm already doing everyday, it's just that I don't know if I can "ethically" take a job defending the security of an "unethical" company. But that aside, I feel like I'm so far behind right now, that university may be the fastest way for me to absorb the knowledge. I didn't start using Linux until around the Fall of last year because I was scared that I wouldn't be able to comprehend CLI's. I feel like I've came a long way in the short time I've been fuckin with CLI's. I can do basic things like install and run programs, navigate directories, understand how a few kali tools do what they do, those sorts of things. I'm not lost, only unguided. So..., if I can get grants and not pay out of pocket then I'll probably go for the courses. Here's that link I forgot to post. Check it out and give me the realest and rawest opinions on it plz. Thanks

Thanks for the replies.
Damnit, I think I forgot it again.
Uni/college accredited courses usually involve content from other certifications, and in some cases will even issue certifications during studies to help you get a job faster out-the-door.

But, from what I can see in this course, it sounds like they focus on theory and not nearly as much practical knowledge (i.e. Describe tools/techniques for malware analysis, Summarize enumeration countermeasures,Outline components of an attack plan)
And that just reminds me of CEH, which although sounds like a cert everyone wants, is also one of the piss-easiest certs to get so long as you have the experience requirement to take the exam.

If you need guidance, look up some entry-level cybersec certifications. Get a list of a few, compare them, then google for a PDF of a study guide for that cert. At least that way you have the guidance and the content you need to teach yourself.
If you can, get an internship doing entry-level IT work with any relevance to cybersec (i.e. junior IT involved in reading DNS logs or something.)

Then you have everything you actually need to get the cert, and you don't waste too much time on accredited courses that don't offer anything special (I don't see anything on the webpage that suggests you also get junior certs, co-op placements, or exam vouchers or something.)
I would not take a hacking course from Phoenix Uni. That is going to be trash. If you want to learn the skills, then you need hands on learning. Join hackthebox and do their challenges and easy machines, learn the forum, and work your way up. There are some good courses out there, but not from a Uni like that. Most Uni pentester stuff is junk anyway. Offensive Security offers the OSCP and other very useful hands-on courses, but they are expensive. You might be able to score materials for free if you look around. But if you aren't trying to get a job in a SOC or something, then I wouldn't bother with a course like that from a Uni. You would be better served spending that time on self-guided research and the money on hardware/software.
It's depend, some online courses are pretty good some other are not, but most of the time, it's just information that you can learn anywhere else online but the advantage of course is that it will be condense in one point and you don't have to search for them,the advantage with IT and all that, it's that you can find absolutely anything on internet for free, so it's depend if you like be guided as you learn or if you can just check some stuff by yourself across the web
They can be great to get started off. But they won't make you an expert on their own and it really depends on the course and who teaches it.

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