Are online courses worth it?
Actually, I think online courses are great for two reasons.

1) You get someone who explains things to you, which was the norm in the early 00s, but not anymore. Today, information is private, and nobody wants you to learn anything. (Except a few forum, like GreySec!) It can really help when you begin.

2) The summary. Someone (who actually know what you want to learn) has created a path to follow, and even without buying the course, if you can take a look at the chapters and names of the video, you'll know exactly what to look up to start your journey. The keywords that pop up, network, WiFi, protocol, nmap, beef, UDP, TCP, ASM, recon, payload, AV, IDS, etc.

But, the problem with courses, is that they want to make money, and to do that, they have to target the maximum of persons.
Which means they aim it at beginners.

Which is great if you are a beginner, but no so much when you already know the things that EVERYONE puts in their courses.
At that point, if you want to learn new things, you have no more shortcuts, and the only thing you can do is to get books and to read a lot of blog post.
In my opinion they are not worth buying, it is much much easier to blow off an online class or procrastinate and often the money just goes to waste.

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