Is there any Good Ramsomware Saas providers anymore?

It seems like they are almost non-existent now days.  I have access to a very good target but not willing to setup a botnet your for that one target unless necessary.

Any good recommendations?
Last one I've heard about was this RansomWare SaaS called "T0xic" or something. But I reckon that service is probably dead by now, I don't think many of these operations are very long lived.
Have you considered learning how to write ransomware yourself? Also, Ransomware SaaS is an odd term. SaaS being Software as a Service, when it comes to ransomware, it's generally referred to as RaaS. Or Ransomware as a Service.
There is Raas on darkweb, who knows if it is a scam or not.
(07-28-2021, 12:26 AM)farty Wrote: There is Raas on darkweb, who knows if it is a scam or not.

As everything on the darkweb, there must be some legit ones, and others which are just honeypots or scams.
(08-04-2021, 07:42 AM)zzeuss Wrote: The way i am doing it is grabbing real ransomwares and reverse engineer them and learn how they are created and learn how to build them self. But i can tell you i am not ready yet Tongue It's a long process. But i have several different Ransomwares and there are many tools to reverse engineer them and view the source code etc.. It's a lot of learning and building and... patients...
You have to start from scratch or you have to be ready to pay 1 million dollar on black markets and with the chance to be scammed Tongue The choice is yours..

Lol a million. Are you buying a  ransomware campaign complete with distribution and C2 infrastructure? RaaS, is not that expensive if you're only buying the malware and 'tech support'. Unless you are buying a ransomware that makes use of several 0days.