[Secret] Buy used routers (FreshTomato, OpenWRT, OpenBSD)?!
https://www.freshtomato.org/ (1 x Tor + 3 x OpenVPN + 1 x Wireguard clients in AIO FreshTomato firmware. AIO = all in one.)

You knew that there are numerous used routers to buy (online flea market) very cheaply with open source firmware / software?
That you don't have to flash anything at all?
Just buy it and upload with one mouseclick the latest router image (if necessary) per web interface. Every 12 year old can do that.

Super tip for security experts:
https://www.pcengines.ch/ (Switzerland)
Used PC Engines SBC OpenBSD routers.
Newer models use coreboot BIOS.

eBay? Craigslist? Or other online flea markets.
Many used OpenWRT routers costs only 5 to 25 euros.

You can use it as router-behind-router solutions if you need to keep your ISP router.

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[Image: image.php?dm=R7VR]

[Image: image.php?dm=N8Z4]

Greetings from Switzerland


Did you know that there are three OpenVPN clients in FreshTomato AIO firmware?

Did you know that you can chain all three together via "Routing Policy"?

You > VPN1 > VPN2 > VPN3 > www

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[Image: image.php?dm=RYON]
(03-25-2021, 09:47 AM)Zakodowany Wrote: Hi, nice!
And how much does such a toy cost? (new)

Hi! 120 dollar.

GL MV1000 or GL MV1000w (with WiFi)

https://docs.gl-inet.com/en/3/release_no...000/Latest OpenWRT firmware is from 2020
Plugins should be the newest versions.

- Pre-installed OpenWRT and supported Ubuntu
- OpenVPN, WireGuard, Shadowsocks clients.
- Kill Switch
- Plug-ins allows you to manage OpenWRT packages. You can install or remove any package with one mouseclick.
- Tor

Super userfriendly GUI - every 10 year old boy can handle it.
Maybe sold out.

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[Image: 30-commercial-VPN-provider.jpg]
This is awesome, 3 VPN providor Chains on the router alone, this is progress.