How to persist malware in Windows without tripping runtime AV?
Now the normal way is to add a registry key to Run to startup your malware but that gets detected by Kaspersky runtime analysis.

What are some ways of persisting in Windows without tripping runtime AVs?

I don't know how your malware is written, but I found this, a c++ and c# project that used originally Living Off the Land technics, and the persistent is interesting, because it show no registry key.

I don't have kaspersky, so I don't know for this AV, but check it out anyway.
This forum is for learning, so it's ok if you're unfamiliar with MalDev. But in order to learn MalDev being able to code is a prerequisite, can you write C?

The reason i ask is because there are some simple solutions you can try. Solutions i'd be willing to help you with. They're simple C programs. So it'd be preferable to be familiar with the lang.

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