how do I get a key log file to decrypt traffic on my home network?
So let's say I want to decrypt traffic on my home network. The reason is I am doing a David Bombal CCNA course, and it is introducing wireshark. I determined that it would be helpful to be able to see traffic flowing through my home network, but the packet capture is encrypted with TLS.

So I looked up a tutorial on how to decrypt the packet capture and got this tutorial:

I got to the step with encryption with a key log file. My question is how do I get a copy of this file? This is my home network so I should have one from my packet capture. I need to have one so I can decrypt the traffic.

Could someone help me out here? How do I get the key log file?

I looked up how to do this on Ubuntu and found this:

Still having trouble because even when I run Wireshark from the same terminal I exported environment variable from, it still doesn't generate a keylog file.

Then when I try this tutorial it doesn't show me the log file when I try to open it from wireshark under TLS option:

I'll bite.

How exactly are you trying to generate the key log? (note down any commands and drop any private info if needed)
What browser are you using? (version as well)

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