How do I make a Debian server support IP spoofing
IP spoofing is supported in Debian server, but The current server does not support IP spoofing. How to set it? I am a newbie, please advise me
Can barely read your thread. Please mind your formatting, grey text on a grey background isn't such bright idea is it?

What are you trying to use IP spoofing for? Ddos? First and foremost you need a datacenter/ISP or upstream provider whom ignores rfc2827 or rfc4953 (If I remember it correctly). In other words allow IP spoofing from your server. Which I doubt many providers do these days since it risks having their IPs blacklisted. I remember back in the days that ecatel used to allow among others. But I have a hard time imagining that they still allow this.

Another alternative would maybe be to leverage BGP hijacking to steal other IP adresses. But I reckon this is pretty hard to pull off unless you have a lot of resources or a nation state backing you.

Your question is way to broad for me to help you. I would advice you to do some researching of your own before asking low quality questions like these. Learn how IP spoofing works first.

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