primitive ransomware experiment
Primitive ransomware experiment with extremely basic source code and assembly obfuscation. Run in a VM. Be warned - this will alter files.

download here

For research purposes only.

Comments welcome.
Good on you using Cryptpad. Also, don't sell yourself short. I know you're being humble when you're saying words like 'primitive' and 'basic', but framing your contribution in that way puts an expectation on the consumer on the quality of what you are putting out. And framing your contribution as negative right of the bat isn't what you want to do.

I'll be checking your ransomware out later the coming week. And i'll give you my honest review. In the mean time other members should feel free to do the same.

One last thing we all started out somewhere, someone's who's considered 31337 these days did too. Don't let your perceived lack of expertise get you down. I find that people are generally too harsh on themselves, but i do appreciate the humility you have approaching the subject matter.
I totally agree with Vector. Everyone started out somewhere. You can't become a star programmer, sysadmin or hacker overnight. It takes time to learn this stuff and it takes time to learn it well.

Having said that, we are all students in this space because it keeps dynamically changing all the time. So be proud of the fact you wrote this piece of ransomware yourself. I'll be checking out your creation maybe this week or next week. After that I'll give you my honest feedback.

PS: I am glad to return to the Greysec community. I'd like to apologize to everyone who left a suggestion on my last post before my sudden absence. I have seen and read them all. I will work on my own contribution for the community based on those suggestions. Thank you again for the suggestions peeps!
I will check this up to this week, thanks for the contribution.
I will subscribe to this post.
Greetings ZzeusS.

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