Veracrypt accidental USB encryption
Does anyone have experience with Tails?

I just ran an automatic update on my Tails USB. While it was happening I had another USB of files connected to my computer. After the update completed I noticed that the USB of files was entirely encrypted, even though I wasn't warned or prompted in any way prior to the update. I am being asked for the PIM, passphrase etc. I have searched online and have briefly looked at the Veracrypt documentation, but to no avail.

Is there a way to get my files back, and if so, how?

Thanks for any assistance.
Have you tried the credentials of your Tails admin profile?
(08-13-2021, 11:28 AM)Corvo Wrote: Have you tried the credentials of your Tails admin profile?

Yes, I have. I restarted the USB and set an admin password, but was unsuccessful.

At this point I think I'll just take the loss and reformat the drive. The files were non-critical.

Thanks for your response.
I did a quick search, but unfortunately I only found situations contrary to yours. In general, people encrypt the content of USB drives and format it by mistake. In Tails documentation, I didn't find anything about problems like this. Perhaps you should report the error. And when in doubt, always update manually. Sad
When you insert your usb, can you mount it separately with veracrypt, then enter the passphrase that was used to run the crypto ops that were planned?

Other than that you could try to make a forensic image of the USB, and try to mount that on a different distro that has VC installed as well. There are tools for cracking VC encrypted volumes, but it can be quite the hassle and will take up a lot of resources.