Survey on Black/Grey Hats
Hey, guys!

I'm trying to do a little research to see why people join (and stay) in areas classified as Black or Gray Hat. Could you take half a minute to answer five questions on one form? It does not ask for any personal information. However, I am using GoogleForms. If you need to, take your privacy measures before accessing the link.

Click here to access.

Also, whoever feels comfortable, please share in your favorite forums or channels. At the end of the survey period, I will share the results with everyone.
Money, power, status in a certain community. There you go answered for most BH people. GH can get more complex i reckon.
This survey started with a Twitter comment. One guy (I don't remember who, it was a few weeks ago) was commenting on one of the recent ransomware attacks and said: "Imagine if this whole black hat market is just people who didn't get a good job trying to pay their bills and learn the best way they found it." Obviously, ransoms of a few thousand dollars are a little out of the daily necessities Big Grin , but I remembered this comment thanks to the last conversation on GreySec Discord.

So far there are few answers, but it seems that it is not far from reality. The most interesting results are from the last question, but I don't want to spoilers yet xD. I will leave the form open until the end of the month.
Sent my response, as beeing kind of an all hat or Grey Hat Smile
This is a pretty shitty survey/research

Quote:So far there are few answers, but it seems that it is not far from reality.

Well, when you phrase the questions based on a preconceived premise, you tend to get the answers you're looking for.

I am a greyhat. However, I am:

- not a developer
- not doing it as career
- not doing it because I can't get a job in infosec
- not making a profit


Quote:Would you become a White Hat if given the opportunity?

the whole premise of this question is just idiotic. The "hat" system describes ones ethics. Any hacker has the opportunity to change their actions and the set of morals they ascribe to any time they want to.

Not to mention, one can be both a greyhat/blackhat AND work legally in infosec.

You need to learn about research methodologies and bias, not to mention having a basic understanding of the subjects you're trying to do research on, before you try to do actual research. Any "insight" you get out of this survey is going to be garbage, and not worth the proverbial paper it's printed on.
(08-15-2021, 12:32 PM)Insider Wrote: Sent my response, as beeing kind of an all hat or Grey Hat Smile

Thanks o/

(08-15-2021, 09:43 PM)MuddyBucket Wrote: [...]

Points noted for next time, thanks.

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