Apple to start scanning photos for child abuse
At the moment it will only scan photos that are being uploaded into iCloud but no doubt will be extended over time to just scan everything automatically.

They're also going to scan images sent over childrens iMessage accounts and inform the parents if there is any sexually explicit material. If iMessage was end to end encrypted as they claimed then surely that would be impossible.
We can't even say it's for a good cause, because they certainly got the "most socially plausible" reason they could for implementing it. They also said they plan to block such searchs on Siri, causing it to respond "Interest in this topic is controversial or dangerous."

I wonder how long it will take Google, Microsoft and Amazon to copy that and, even more, how long will governments openly take advantage of the situation. We usually think that we don't have privacy anymore, but compared to what's to come, we're pretty good. :/