Need help exploiting CVE-2010-4345 using exim4_string_format on a virtual server
I need help exploiting CVE-2010-4345 using exim4_string_format on a virtual server. I've been following a beginners pen testing book by and I'm stuck on getting root access to the mail server file system that is provided with the book. I am using msfconsole  and the tool is (obviously) exim4_string_format. My payload, as specified by the book, is reverse_perl.

The problem I am facing is not that I cannot connect to the target server, but a shell connection will not open. I've looked this up and found nothing, not even an error code, so I am asking here.

Thank you for your help, and I will get a screenshot of the output in a second..... Big Grin
just run the payload on the Target Machine and try to connect back to it by nc from than you can Privesc your way to root.

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