[Tool] PsychoHasher - All purpose hashing utility
Hi GS,

Today I will be sharing a little tool which I have been developing as a fun project. It's nothing very significant but I believe people, especially Java programmers can learn new things from this project since it has been developed using Java ( Tongue ) . The project requires you to have Java 8 installed in your system.

I hope the GUI is user friendly and one can easily understand how to use it. The application uses different workers for hashing large files and hence the GUI won't freeze when the hashing is in progress. I have also used a different LookAndFeel library named JTattoo rather than the traditional Nimbus/Motif etc. The project uses gradle for build and dependency management but don't worry even if you don't have gradle installed you can still run the application just fine if you read ahead.

Project Link: https://github.com/AnimeshShaw/PsychoHasher


1. Startscreen

[Image: MJqUJbY.png]

2. HashText

[Image: MJTW0V4.png]

3. Hash Files [Single/Multiple/Folder]

[Image: nGm4I1H.png]

[Image: eE8os6t.png]

4. Single hash for group of files

[Image: Klp9ivm.png]

[Image: NFhJQKT.png]

Building project from source

Before we proceed further I am assuming that you have git installed and configured in your system path, and JAVA_HOME variable is set.

Step 1: Clone the repository from github

git clone https://github.com/AnimeshShaw/PsychoHasher.git

[Image: 131Zccs.png]

Step 2: Build the project

The project was built with gradle, so if you have gradle installed in your system and the path is set then you can simple build as follows:

gradle build

Even if you don't have gradle, don't worry the project comes along with wrappers for both windows [gradlew.bat] and linux [gradlew]. Simply execute the following [in case of windows and accordingly execute the gradlew shell script for Linux] and let it do its magic.

gradlew.bat build

Step 3: Run the project

Now its time to run our application. Simply execute the following:

gradlew.bat run

Observe the screenshot to understand better.

[Image: TicXQDB.png]

Oh Wait! Where's my jar?

If you're looking for an executable jar file then it was automatically created during the build process and resides in the build\libs folder created as PsychoHasher-1.0-Alpha-FAT.jar (Fat jar means it includes all the dependencies). Look at the following screenshot and you will get the idea:

[Image: 2ivjV31.png]

I hope you like this little project. Need improvements? Want to give ideas? Criticize my Code? Anything else?............... You're most welcome, simply reply to this thread. I would appreciate it more if you can comment in 2nd and 3rd option.

Good day!

Thanking you,
This is a really neat tool, and I especially like the design. It's great to see you're still releasing HQ tools Psycho
(02-16-2016, 09:55 PM)Cryptography Wrote: This is a really neat tool, and I especially like the design. It's great to see you're still releasing HQ tools Psycho

Thanks. I will update it with a little more features soon. Currently working on an awesome project, I will also share it here later. Good Day!
Cool project, nicely executed as well. By the way, looking around on your github i saw that you're the author of Hash Identifier, i've been using that script for months, lol fancy meeting you here Smile Good stuff.

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